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Quality Luxury Apartments in the center of Budapest

Our team have selected around 30 apartments to represent the best of what we can offer - we also have lower level and student apartments.

These flats are hand picked for the following reasons:

* quality of finish, all are recent high level renovations in classic Budapest building

* the apartments and the owners are all personally known to us and have had an interior design element added to the renovations and fixtures and fittings well beyond the 'Ikea' norm

* the apartments to the best of our efforts have been selected for the areas they lie in in the city and also that in the majority of cases the bedrooms are courtyard facing and quiet - we are very happy to discuss specifics of the layout and aspect of the apartments, as well as building quality, neighborhood characteristics

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Budapest Property Rentals offers great value-for-money Budapest accommodation,
from high-end luxury apartments to good quality student flats.

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